According to AAA Tesla Owners Should May Pay More For Insurance


AAA premiums for Tesla vehicles could go up 30%  based on data showing that the Model S and Model X had abnormally high claim frequencies and high costs of insurance claims compared with other cars in the same classes. “This analysis is severely flawed and is not reflective of reality”, said Tesla, which argued that the Highway Loss Data Institute’s system placed it with the wrong competitors. And if it were compared with similar rivals, its crash data would not stand out negatively. Bottom Line: Tesla has no choice but to enter insurance if it wants to provide its customers with affordable coverage options. Deja vu? You bet. This was part of our talk on the State of Insurance at OnRamp 2017, which took place this past April in Chicago. Download here. Slides 23-24.

PS. Mobile-first car insurer Root recently launched Tesla Discount to allow good drivers to save $$$. Speaking of perks…got two for you.

Root gave away $5 Starbucks gift cards to select fans. Three to be exact.

Lemonade is giving away $20 for new policyholders in California.