Accelerant launches $175 million sidecar investment vehicle Flywheel Re

Accelerant Holdings, which offers capacity to MGAs and program administrators, announced a new $175 million sidecar vehicle, Flywheel Re. Flywheel will provide multi-year risk capital to Accelerant and its cadre of underwriting-led specialist members.

Accelerant was founded in 2018 to rebuild the way that underwriters share and exchange risk. Accelerant works with its underwriting-led members to drive “market-leading profitable growth in niche specialties.”

“We’re thrilled to launch Flywheel and put it to work on behalf of our Members. This is a natural extension of the work we’ve been doing to support specialist underwriters with additional capacity. But it also marks a major milestone in our journey as a company, and for the insurance industry at large. We are now expanding our focus and diversifying sources of capital alongside the traditional reinsurance market by bringing our portfolio of low-volatility commercial SME risks to institutional investors in an innovative structure that efficiently supports our Members’ growth.” – Jeff Radke, CEO and co-founder of Accelerant.