A Xmas-Slash-Insurtech Baby

Boston-based Corvus has updated its landing page to something a little more revealing :



The insurance agency, founded by Philip Edmundson, is on a mission to create a “safer, more productive world through technology-enabled commercial insurance.” Fast Five: (1) Corvusinsurance.com was registered on GoDaddy on December 25, 2016. (2) Corvus isn’t a traditional commercial insurance company, rather it is a “a commercial insurtech company” with a PaaS component. (3) The platform is called “CrowBar” and will centralize underwriting intel to minimize back-and-forth and time-to-quote. Also, it is capable of taking large sets of data from multiple sources and turning it into tools for risk management. (4) Speaking of risk management, it plans on taking advantage of sensors and IoT to improve loss prevention and reduce pricing. (5) policy benchmarking features are also included to guarantee proper coverage and premium.


Bottom Line: seeking brokers.