A Reason to Believe AXA is Eyeing a Cuvva Model in Spain

If I had to guess, I’d guess that AXA is working on a temporary car insurance scheme. Kind of like the one that made Cuvva famous . Here’s why. The following image has been spotted on the website of Digital 55:


Digital 55 is a Madrid-based product design and development company with over ten years of experience developing innovative platforms for the digital transformation of companies. Ikea and MAPFRE are customers; to name two recognizable brands.


Also, when it comes to AXA, the giant insurer operates 3 insurance subsidiaries in Spain: AXA ART, AXA Seguros España and Direct Seguros. Ruling out AXA ART, since car insurance isn’t in its portfolio, it remains a mystery which exact AXA brand, D55 is working with.


Bottom Line: a hunch.


PS. for Cuvva love, see below: