A Crack Team Launches Comparative Auto Insurance Rater For Agents

According to its website, ClutchAnalytics, aka crack team, has launched the “first-ever comparative auto insurance rater” that allows local independent agents to offer their website visitors the ability to compare and buy auto insurance online.



“We not only build technology for local independent agents to sell auto insurance online 24/7 on their own websites, ClutchAnalytics provides data, digital marketing insights and education so local independent agents can transform their marketing plans to capture sales online.”


ClutchAnalytics is an Austin-based software company and the digital manufacturing arm of Windhaven Insurance. It was established in 2013 and currently employs 37 folks, including a CTO by the name of Jorge Garcia. According to one, Jorge is a huge asset, but….

Moving on. Aside from its auto insurance rater, the innovation unit is responsible for Windy Dash, a proprietary software algorithm that matches consumers with the most appropriate local agent, and Windhaven insurance app, which allows policyholders to make a payment, view their ID card, connect to their local agent, and report a claim.