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Getting Started with Coverager Research

Welcome! Here’s what you need to know about the different sections of Coverager Data and Research:


Adding, managing users

Coverager Research comes with unlimited users per company. Our platform has two types of roles: Manager and Member. Both have access to reports and data, while the former also has the ability to add and remove users. To manage users, go to your dashboard (Teams tab), and then follow the on-screen instructions. It’s worth noting that you may export the list of active users by selecting “Export to Excel” from the same area. Updating password and personal details is also available via the dashboard.


Research reports

Coverager research reports and premium articles are available via the Research page. When a new article or report is published, users are notified via email.


My News

Here you can track Coverager news for the companies you care about by adding them to this section. The article title and date of publication will be displayed, providing a customized view of Coverager’s Media.



Find public and private insurance companies by filters such as industry, type, location and lines of business. Insurance-related data elements are unique to Coverager.



A dataset that contains funding data such as amount, stage, and investors. We offer a few slices:

  • A list of all the companies in our database that have raised money by transaction date.
  • A list of insurance companies in our database that have raised money by transaction date. This section is interactive and provides an instant view of total insurance investments by year and quarter, by company type, lines of business, and location.
  • A list of insurer-investors defined as insurance companies with a venture capital arm or insurance companies that have made an investment.
  • A list of insurer-backed funding rounds. Insurer-investors appear in bold and black for easy identification. We refer to this list in our monthly innovation report as ‘strategic investments.’



Partnerships data is unique to Coverager and offers:

  • A list of all partnerships, including Distribution Partnerships, which involve the sale of an insurance product, and ‘Policy Perks,’ which entail an added-value element in addition to the sale of an insurance policy.
  • A list of alternative distribution partnerships defined as an insurance company offering their product via a non-insurance entity. The values of field “Type” are aligned to the Coverager framework of embedded insurance.
  • A list of alternative distributors defined as non-insurance companies offering insurance. Use this list to find new partners and to get a sense of whether companies are a suitable fit for different types of insurance products.
  • As many insurers shift their focus from protection to prevention and from customers to users, the list of Policy Perks offers various examples of how insurers seek to offer value beyond claim payouts.



A list of acquisitions from and beyond insurance. Use check box “Insurance exits” to get a sense of acquired, funded insurtechs.



This is another dataset that is unique to Coverager where we track tech implementations across the insurance value chain. Filter by insurance company or vendor to get a sense of how key players innovate across the insurance value chain (see field Focus Area).