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In a PR-driven industry, Coverager digs deep to separate facts from fiction. Leveraging our media and data platform, we help companies see beyond industry trends and buzzwords, and keep track with the ever-evolving digital world and the changing consumer behavior. We believe change will come from outside the industry, hence offer a mix of intelligence and creative to support your innovation strategy.

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The digital world has clear winners and losers and we want to be on the winning side. When most talk about user engagement, better technology and industry collaboration, it's time for something different. We look at insurance from a consumer's point of view, with the belief that there's 1,000 ways to sell insurance. Our consulting services focus on the areas of digital, D2C strategies, alternative distribution, and market entry.

Research Reports


We offer custom research and analysis with a creative tone for companies that want to learn from the past, and understand the present to better bet on the future. Our research reports are fact-based, not trend-based, without baked assumptions.

Executive Briefings


We've been presenting to insurers such as AIG, Lincoln Financial Group, and Starr Companies on distribution, blockchain, microinsurance, the state of insurtech, digital strategy and consumer behavior. We bring the most accurate and comprehensive insurance knowledge (often not available to others) to deliver corporate trainings tailored to your specific needs.



We know how to attract and maintain an audience. We started with subscribers from a handful of companies and we now reach over 2,000 brands including insurers, reinsurers, brokers, startups, VCs and tech companies. We've helped brands secure funding, reach top of mind awareness, pick up technology partners and be known as the authority in a given space.

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