Coverage by Coverager. 

Our journey began in May 2014 with a 4:00 AM alarm, coffee, and a daily email with the unusual name of ‘Insurance Entertainment’, which quickly became IE. The email was sent to some 30 friends and colleagues, covering the insurance news of the day. Today, we reach over 1,000 companies and startups from all over the world (even from New Jersey).

We figured it’s time to offer more than just news, and this is where Coverager comes in. Coverager is the place to get the latest on all that’s happening in insurance, including events, jobs, company data and profiles. We connect the dots, read between the lines, and deliver what matters most in a way that keeps you informed, intelligent and surprisingly interested.

We will be adding new features to Coverager as we move along and we’ll be happy to get your feedback. We want Coverager to be the homepage of insurance and we’re counting on you.