TechCanary +1, AMS360 -1

On the subject of ‘insurance is a zero sum game’…the winner is Milwaukee-based TechCanary, which offers an insurance platform built on Salesforce. Here’s one review, by one Tony Visser:

“We used to use SaleForce for marketing and then AMS360 for our Agency Management system. This created tons of duplicate entry for every new account. We have since moved over to CANARYAMS and eliminated all this duplication. It was hard to see how inefficient AMS360 was until we started using a different system. I would never go back.”

But that’s not all. TechCanary also announced a partnership with Ask Kodiak, a commercial risk market appetite platform, to allow agents to enjoy Ask Kodiak’s capabilities within its CRM. Recall EvoSure, the Austin-based market appetite finder that at one point said ‘buy me’ to Applied Systems, which responded with ‘Sure’. Bottom Line: it’s nice to see newish entrants mingle. Refresher below.