E35: A Conversation with Cyrena Arnold, VP of Customer Success, Athenium Analytics

Communicate, communicate, communicate. If you want your trading partners, clients or stakeholders to have success with you, then you will need to over-communicate with them. That is one of the secrets of customer success that Cyrena Arnold and I discuss in this episode. Cyrena is the VP of Customer Success at Athenium Analytics and it is her job to make sure that customers are getting the results they expect when they buy Athenium Solutions. When dealing with trading partners, it is vital that you encourage them to provide feedback, even if it’s negative and however uncomfortable. This is how you can proactively resolve issues and maintain trust.

We also discussed Cyrena’s new children’s book, The Weather Story with Frances Fox, which I highly recommend as good wholesome, lyrical reading for children. (Links below)

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The Weather Story with Frances Fox (Amazon) 


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