A Little Bit of Monika in My Life

The insurance world isn’t short on chatbots. Coverager picked 10 .


1. Arvi

Arvi is a health and travel insurance assistant from Mumbai. It is one-year old, and chatty on policy inquiry, policy purchase, policy claims and even the occasional quiz or two. Also, it is the product of Ask Arvi.


2. AVA

AVA is Metromile’s AI claims assistant and is exactly 5-days old. It can determine the accuracy of claims, approving claims, scheduling repairs and will soon be able to issue payments to customers.


3. Jim

Jim is Lemonade’s claims bot. It understands the nature and severity of claims and can assess the likelihood of a claim being fraudulent. At times, Jim will pay claims instantly.


4. Maya

Maya is another chatbot from Lemonade. It sells the company’s homeowner’s and renters’ insurance. Both Maya and Jim are exactly 310 days old, today.


5. Kate

Kate is GEICO’s virtual assistant. With Kate, you can purchase insurance, inquire about policy coverages, and view billing information.


6. Melody

Melody is Baidu’s medical bot. It can gather information about patients before they see a doctor and help provide medical diagnostic services.


7. Eve

Eve is microUmbrella’s chatbot. It assists customers in buying the right protection plan and in making a claim. BTW, MicroUmbrella is an Asian startup offering microinsurance policies for life, health, and personal belongings, minus long-term contracts.



Nadia is an online virtual assistant created by New Zealand artificial intelligence startup Soul Machines that can speak, write and chat online while answering common questions about the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), a healthcare program initiated by the Australian Government for Australians with a disability.


9. Monika

10. Tomek

Monika and Tomek are virtual advisors placed on the ZUS website. ZUS is a Social Insurance Institution in Poland responsible for social insurance matters. These bots provide information about benefits, individual accounts, payments and health insurance contributions.


Sing it.