Office and happiness manager

AREA42, the trade innovation ecosystem, is looking for an office & happiness manager.


AREA42 vision:

At AREA42, we create and manage a risk-savvy innovation ecosystem focused on trade. We support companies who want to recode trade for the digital era.

Together with disruptors, technologists and visionaries, we build a more fertile trade environment. We co-design ambitious visions. We experiment and launch new solutions. We turn innovations into new growth engines.

We are backed by Credendo, the Export Credit Agency from Belgium and the most trusted leader in trade credit insurance and surety bonds.



Our current investment thesis revolves around big untapped opportunities related to:

  • Platforms and marketplaces,
  • SMEs and freelancers,
  • Innovative credit data and machine learning,
  • Blockchain and other new trade paradigms.

For us, success can be measured in the upgrades we offer to trade ecosystems. We do not see technology as an objective in itself, but we believe it is key to unlock radical improvements for trade and accompanying risk. We take inspiration from diverse universes. We try to hack things, fail sometimes, learn always, and thrive when we co-innovate with partners who share our passion.



AREA42 is an ecosystem with 3 highly complementary zones: AREA42 innovation community, AREA42 innovation lab, and AREA42 accelerator. Each zone contributes to a successful AREA42 innovation ecosystem.

  • Our innovation community aims at growing a high-quality network of trusted partners, open to co-innovation and passionate about upgrading trade; the community creates a fertile ground to elaborate and discuss ambitious ideas and concepts.
  • Our innovation lab takes a lean startup approach to experiment with new ideas and incubate them to become validated product concepts with a market fit. The learnings, successes and failures contribute to the feedback-loop and is shared with our innovation community.
  • Our accelerator works like a growth factory. We take validated product concepts and turn them into new lines of business. Our accelerator team works with the same powerful means as the best high-growth startups in order to scale the most ambitious ventures in trade.

Our first basecamps are Paris and Brussels, but our playground is Europe and the world.



We are a diverse team with simple beliefs: we value respect, mutual trust, entrepreneurship, collective creativity, technological excellence and solid execution. For us, these values are essential to creating high-impact innovations, which we need to deliver successful long-term growth, which will help spread an innovation culture in trade.

Often, we do not know exactly what we are building. However, we always start with an exciting vision and we iterate as fast as possible to confront it with reality. We have faith in the science of experimentation and in the lean startup approach. We invite and welcome innovators of all kind to contribute and to have an impact. We share together the benefits of our successes.


The job:

We are creating AREA42 from scratch and initially launching as a high-impact team of ~10 people.

The office & happiness manager is primarily responsible for creating a friendly work environment for the teams by:

  • Being responsible for the team cohesion in a diverse ecosystem, for both on-site and nomad team members.
  • Administrative support of the various services (collaboration, shared drives, on-boarding material …) and assisting with filing payments to accounts payable.
  • Maintaining and continually developing a functioning and practical workspace for the team. Taking care of the office practicalities such as HR support, facilities and food.
  • Facilitating the organization and the management of internal and external events.
  • Managing travels, expenses and administrative reporting (Limosa, A1, …)


Profile of the possible candidates:

Atypical profiles often work better for atypical jobs, and it is hard to predict the multiple winning skill combinations of the best candidates for the job. Moreover, we prefer team culture over individual performance. This being said, here are a few qualities we may be looking for:

  • Previous experience managing a fast-paced office and environment.
  • Unparalleled attention to details, combined with high execution skills. Proactive, adaptable, self-starter with a real sense of service.
  • Very well organized. Basic knowledge of accounting. At ease with numbers.
  • Perfectly fluent in English, and interest for team culture and development.
  • Highest level of professional and intellectual integrity. Trust matters.

Can handle success and failure, positive feedbacks as well as critiques.

How to apply

Get in touch on christophe.spoerry (a)