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Director of Partner Success

Our mission is to help the world share its risk more intelligently to power a more vibrant economy. To do this, we are transforming insurance distribution and underwriting into a science. We provide entrepreneurial insurance brokers with tools to automatically deliver intelligence-driven experiences to their clients, and it provides insurers and investors with a platform for generating superior returns on large portfolios of risk.

At the core of our operating model is our technology: we’re building the premier “AI factory” in the world for risk and applying it at the center of the #1 fastest growing and top-10 largest brokerage in history. By systematically converting data into predictions, insights, and choices, we believe we can remove the constraints associated with scale, scope, and learning that have existed in the insurance industry for centuries.

We operate at the intersection of world class AI talent and seasoned industry expertise. We aren’t afraid to challenge conventional wisdom for the benefit of our customers and society, nor do we think we have all the answers. Our culture values first principles thinking, humility, acting boldly, and fresh, heterogeneous perspectives that help us see what others cannot see to transform the industry. We’d like your help.

As Director of Partner Success, you’ll ensure partners are fully engaged and achieve their desired outcomes while using our products. It is through our partners, in turn serving their end users, that is how you will see AI from our team come to life, powering other businesses from the inside out. And we imagine a future in which AI is fully integrated into every client interaction taking place across the global distribution network.

Here are some of the ways in which you’ll achieve impact:

Drive adoption and outcomes for partners, leading to expansion and advocacy across our portfolio.

  • Deliver and communicate business impact for our clients, throughout the customer lifecycle.
  • Define and implement a partner success journey map that ensures our clients realize value from initial reach all the way through to long-term loyalty.
  • Inform strategy; help us better understand the partner experience and lifecycle so we can meaningfully improve it.

Understand our partners; truly focus on the client and how they can succeed using our products.

  • Build a thorough understanding of the goals of our clients in using our products.
  • Collect, analyze, and use data to make the partners’ experience with us a seamless, consistent whole.
  • Present the voice of the customer to provide input into every core product process; manage the presentation of data internally and add contextual insight. 
  • Ensure our tracking metrics are appropriate for the goals of partners.
  • Implement systems for ensuring consistently high engagement and depth of insight (e.g., partner health/happiness indices, advisory boards, surveys).

Proactively serve our partners.

  • Proactively pinpoint problems and opportunities by collecting and leveraging as many data points as possible about the partner.
  • Inform product and engineering teams of proactive enhancements and additions.
  • Predict and stop churn, and predict and cause expansion.
  • Engage in relationship-focused, outcome-oriented client management.

Apply program management skills to ensure a successful partner journey.

  • Help partners plan the best ways to utilize our software in pursuit of their goals, including migrating the client from their previous system to our system (if applicable).
  • Participate in the implementation process and play a central role in onboarding.
  • Create policies and procedures that optimize the customer experience. 
  • Coordinate engineering and product support for our products.

Create a strategy for scaling partner success.

  • Build a strategy that ensures we deliver partner success at scale.
  • Evangelize the partner success discipline and attract world class partner success managers.

You may be fit for this role if you are:

  • Proactive, partner outcome-oriented, and action-biased. Skilled at proactively ensuring that our products engage partners and enable them to achieve their desired outcomes.
  • Passionate about transforming the insurance brokerage industry. Able to build a deep understanding of the business and work effectively with geographically distributed SMBs. Ideally, you have customer success experience in the insurance industry or in a related market and deep familiarity of the enterprise route to market and product set.
  • Passionate about AI-enabled operating models. 
  • A relationship-builder. Able to build trust quickly with internal stakeholders and customers with a high degree of empathy and a team-first collaborative attitude. 
  • Capable of driving success in any condition. You act like an owner and are independently capable of seeking information in an unstructured environment, solving conceptual problems, corralling resources, and delivering results in challenging situations.
  • An expert at multi-tasking and prioritization. You enjoy balancing numerous different priorities and demands.
  • Impressive executive presence and communication abilities. You are a concise and effective communicator who can distill complex analysis and concepts into clear takeaways.
  • Strong leadership skills.
  • High energy and entrepreneurial. You bring passion and enthusiasm to your work and are highly productive in a fast-paced environment with little oversight on a day-to-day basis.
  • Work experience: 4+ years of work experience — at a strategy consulting firm, in account management, business development, or in another client-facing role, and/or customer success experience at a high-growth enterprise SaaS company highly preferred.
  • Academics: Undergraduate degree. MBA preferred.
  • Location: Willing and able to work from the headquarters in Austin, Texas (preferred), with remote roles considered for the right candidate.

It’s not expected that any single candidate would have expertise across all of these areas. If you are a solid partner success leader and eager to work with clients to achieve their outcomes using data- and insurance-related platforms/products, we are eager to talk to you.

How to apply

Contact me at brendan at, or apply here.