Sigo is making it easier for non-standard insurance customers to buy insurance, without paying extra fees. We firmly believe in focusing on customer needs as a means of building a strong business.

We are looking for a technical partner to lead the development of our customer-centric product serving the Hispanic American auto insurance market. At Sigo we are building an elegant front end which is fully integrated throughout what we do including complex payment and claims systems and practical dashboards for customer and internal use.

As CTO, you will lead and motivate a team of engineers, develop strategy and vision alongside other senior executives, and execute on that vision through designing, testing, and shipping great code. You will have ownership over the technology and frequently interact with the design, business, and operations teams.

We are looking for someone passionate and driven to build something special while contributing to the greater good by providing a better insurance experience for our customers.

How to apply

Please apply through our AngelList posting.