Global Insurance Accelerator announces 2017 Cohort

Meet the new class of GIA.

Their take.

  • Find Bob (Toronto, Ontario): A growth, transition and succession planning tool for financial advisors and insurance agents, utilizing machine learning and elements of gamification for asset protection.
  • InsuranceMenu (Boston, Mass.): A dynamic, data-driven platform geared toward local insurance agents, creating process efficiencies while bringing insurers closer to the customer.
  • MotionsCloud (Munich, Germany): Mobile and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for insurers which streamline and automate claims processes to provide a better customer experience and settle claims faster.
  • RE-Sure (Detroit, Mich.): A blockchain-enabled, app-driven, smart insurance product designed for the on-demand economy.
  • Sentrys (Belgrade, Serbia): A data-protection platform providing data security for consumers, vehicle manufacturers and insurance companies.
  • ViewSpection (Tucson, Ariz.): A platform providing a transparent, collaborative method for agents and policyholders, as well as underwriting, claims and loss control departments, to share information and maximize service while preventing fraud.

My take.

  • Find Bob where advisors go to when they want to hand off their book of business
  • InsuranceMenu where insurers go to when they seek digital distribution of employee benefits
  • MotionsCloud where insurers go to when they want to automate their claims process
  • RE-Sure where you hold off visiting because they choose to remain in stealth mode
  • Sentrys because you have to have a data player
  • ViewSpection where underwriters go to when they look to better analyze property data