Disclosing the Undisclosed: A Look at 2017 Undisclosed Funding Rounds

Here’s a quick look at companies that have raised an undisclosed funding round(s) in 2017 .


So why should a startup choose to not disclose the details of its funding round? Quora has a few theories. Summed up below. 


According to Terrence Yang, there are two main reasons really. One. The startup is somewhat well-funded and doesn’t want to announce the round amount to prevent competitors from jumping in. Two. The undisclosed acquisition price is low. 


“Our thinking and experience is that if you don’t say, people drift toward the $1 million mark. So unless you’ve raised more, there’s no reason to shatter their illusions” – anonymous VC.


And then there’s David S. Rose‘s philosophy that states that no one should be expected to publicly reveal anything.