Community Profiles: Patrick Kelahan

They say an elephant never forgets, and if that’s true you’ll find Patrick Kelahan, aka Insurance Elephant, a great source for all things insurance – reminding you of the past, keeping you up-to-date with the present, and predicting the future, because it all starts and ends with the customer.

Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Patrick can be found in a small town not too far from Niagara Falls where he lives by the keto diet, something he would struggle to do in his hometown where they put french fries on a sandwich.



When he’s not answering Coverager community profile questions, Patrick works for H2M where he helps the company engage in insurance carrier service, while raising customer service awareness for the industry.

While Patrick claims his TV habits only include sports and talking heads on MSNBC, his Twitter profile is filled with gifs of Seinfeld, Bruce Lee, Bill Murray, and The Grinch, which may suggest otherwise….

The last thing Patrick bought online was a Coverager community individual membership plan, which may soon lead him through the chaotic places NY is known for – Penn Station and the end of the Lincoln Tunnel.