Community Profiles: Harry Croydon

A study of more than 4,000 UK and North American twins suggests that humor regarded as “typically British” (sarcastic and self-deprecating) is linked to genes found in British men and women, but not shared by Americans. While positive humor (saying funny things, and telling jokes) was linked to genes and was shared by twins in the UK and US, negative humor (offensive, sexist, and self-disparaging) appeared to be genetically linked only in Britain. According to Dr. Rod Martin, one of the researchers, it’s possible that different genetic and environmental influences contribute to the differences in sense of humor. And if that doesn’t satisfy you, here’s Jack Nugent’s attempt to explain the differences.



Originally from London UK, Harry Croydon has a typical British sense of humor. His favorite TV show – Broad City – delivers humor that’s sarcastic, snarky, and self-deprecating.

Currently located in Manhattan where he enjoys taking his dogs for a 6am walk in the park, Harry is building a digital insurance company with the fancy domain name of, which focuses on delivering micro insurance to sharing and gig economy platforms, micro & small businesses in both developed and emerging markets.

The last thing Harry bought online (aside from a Coverager Community membership) was a potato masher, which will be put to good use since he’s a vegetarian. And if you’re looking to connect with Harry, you’d be happy to know that he enjoys a spicy vegetarian hot pot, a dish that’s best enjoyed with a group of friends, and the inspiration behind Google HotPot.