Community Profiles: Andrew Pitz

The secret to making movie theater popcorn at home is this ingredient:



With a 4.5 star rating from close to 3k reviews, you realize that there are a lot of movie theater popcorn fans out there, including Andrew Pitz. Originally from Bettendorf, IA and currently located in NYC, Andrew’s day-to-day involves pitches from startups as he’s looking to invest in those that can be leveraged by Transamerica and its parent company – Aegon. Knowing that one of the things Andrew likes to eat is movie theater butter popcorn, a successful pitch would take place either at Strip House or Locanda Verde – two places recommended by The Infatuation for their ribeye – Andrew’s other favorite thing to eat. If you can’t choose between the two, forget the ribeye and go with Keens Steakhouse because their mutton chop is legendary.



When it comes to the pitch, I wouldn’t mention that Mr Robot’s season 4 will be its last because he’s still sad over the ending of Burn Notice. However, you should refer to Mr Robot’s popcorn obsession to suggest launching a movie theater popcorn delivery service in NYC because “it doesn’t get butter than this.”



The last thing Andrew bought online was a Coverager Community pass that will give him another reason to get out of the office and experience the things he loves about the city – its diversity, multiculturalism, energy, and endless opportunities which now includes the opportunity to taste this popcorn at our upcoming meetup.